1-10 how good is this computer build?

Answer It is nice, I would say 8-9. The only issue is the graphics card, you could get alot more power for your money. I would switch the Nvidia GTX 660 with a AMD Radeon HD 7870, you will get more power ... Read More »

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Would this be a good computer build?

It's not bad. I'm pretty sure you are significantly overpaying for your 7770, though. You should be able to get one for around £90. What you're paying should nearly get a 7850. You can get 1800mhz... Read More »

How good is this Computer as a Gaming Computer?

I would avoid Cyberpower myself and go ibuypowerBut look, go to the site and customize it. You're overspending here and you could do better for the priceGet 8 GB of RAM instead (all you need) -$2... Read More »

Is this a good price for this computer?

Hello there.Are you joking me? That is an amazing build (AMD is always best) and at such a low price! You really should buy this gaming beast my friend.

Is this a good build?

looks good other than power supply. you need to get a good 500 - 600 watt power supply for that rig.look at the xfx pro series power supplies as they have good 80 plus ratings and only a single rai... Read More »