10 points for best answer.My modem stops working in warm weather?

Answer Your modem has a thermal short in it. When the temperature rises, the solder expands, causing a short on one of the boards.This would happen to me all the time on hot, muggy days in Wisconsin, aft... Read More »

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What weather stops you from departing marina?

Well said Maverick. I reckon it's common sense a lot of the time, if it's breaking over the harbour wall stay where you are, unlike the idiots last year who left Whitby in a howling gale to head n... Read More »

My avatar is wearing lovely warm clothing and is lovely and warm in this cold weather. What is yours wearing?

Mine is a brown leather jacket, comfortable for all occasions!

Does any know of any good masks to wear in the cold weather to warm the air we breathe?

um i have never heard of that kinda mask but if you find one tell me ... but anywayz i have heard of a mask called the ski mask and it covers your mouth and leaves a hole for your nose and eyes and... Read More »

Tips on Keeping Your Hands Warm When Riding a Motorcycle in Cold Weather?

Cold weather can be deadly, especially when riding a motorcycle. As your hands get cold they tend to get numb, making movement more difficult. This compromises your ability to brake, clutch and ste... Read More »