1000 kbps equals how many Mbits?

Answer Let's start with this. Lots have missed this part already.IN DATA TRANSMISSION 1,000,000 bits = 1Mb. NOT 1024Kb1000 gang. I know it's confusing since data storage and Memory is 1024KB=1MBSo the ... Read More »

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The Difference Between MP3 128 Kbps Mono & 64 Kbps Stereo?

The "kbps" number in an MP3's metadata, or kilobits per second, indicates the bit rate, or level of compression, that the MP3 encoder used to create the MP3. Roughly speaking, a higher bit rate ind... Read More »

How Many Pixels Equals a Megapixel?

A megapixel is equal to 1 million pixels. Since a pixel is a single point, literally a dot, in a graphic image, a million of these would make up a megapixel.

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A cubic meter is a measure of volume, while 1 tonne is a measure of weight. To know how many cubic meters of a material weigh a ton, you'd first need to know how dense the material is. For 1 tonne ... Read More »

La mode london - how many staff working a sales pitch equals hard sell?

These scam agencies are well documented on yahoo and elsewhere.……How did you fall for it? Why didn't you walk away?