1982 CG 125 wont start?

Answer You have spark at the spark plug only occasionally? Have you tried a new spark plug? Failing that a new coil.Also. Try taking the carb apart and giving the parts a good clean. Make sure everything ... Read More »

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I have a 50 cc typhoon moped and it wont start on kick start or elecrtic start any ideas?

Hi I am Vortash you may have anumber of problems here is an approximate list of what you should check .?. 1/ Spark is there a spark at the plug ,,remove plug and place on head should be a healthy b... Read More »

Honda Civic ESI 93 wont start, Engine swings but wont fire up?

Car wont start battery good but wont turn engine or even make a noise when ignition is switched on help?

Got a standard key for a ford fiesta 51 plate driver door wont unlock engine turns over but wont start?

has the key got a chip in?If so, is the chip programmed to your cars immobiliser?If no, then it won't start the car untill it is. Programming the central locking can be done irrespective of the chi... Read More »