200mbps = 200mb per second?

Answer My modem is DOCSIS 3.0. It has a theoretical top speed of around 343 Mbps. HOWEVER, they are not selling me that much speed. They are selling me 30 Mbps and that is what I get. Just because you... Read More »

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Is 200mb enough for 5 days ?

I guess your asking is 200 mega bites enough to surf the internet for 5 days. The answer is no. You can not even look at one video you could only listen to 5 songs. Playing games would be out. ... Read More »

TP-Link TL-PA211KIT 200Mbps Mini Powerline Ethernet Adapter?

They are both rated at 200Mbit so should have exactly the same performance.I've used a few of the TP-Link ones and they work well.The only consideration really is if you are likely to be doing any ... Read More »

How long does it normally take to extract a 200MB file?

This is a very ambiguous question because we do not know anything about your setup or what your actually extracting. You could be in fact extracting a tarball(.tar) or even a gzip file(.tar.gz/.gz)... Read More »