2. Windows 8 is the latest operating system by Microsoft. What are the new features introduced by Microsoft in?

Answer No significant new features in Windows 8 compared to Windows 7, with the exception of removing the "Start" button and replacing it with a "Start screen", instead. It's designed primarily for touch... Read More »

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What Version of the Microsoft Windows Operating System Was the GUI Introduced?

Windows 3.11 was the first Windows to have a GUI, followed by Windows 95. For more information about the evolution of the GUI, look here:

Ms Dos (microsoft Disk operating System)?

MS DOS is an old operating system, just like Windows. You can't download MS DOS for free. If all you need is a 'Startup Disk' you might be able to download a disk image. The last available version ... Read More »

How does one change from a Microsoft operating system to another like Ubunty Linux?

Sounds like a pirate copy of Microsoft Windows. Here is how to tell:…There are plenty of ways to upgrade to Ubuntu - even without a CD drive!https://help.u... Read More »

How Important Is it to Have the Latest Operating System?

Deciding whether to get the latest operating system depends largely on personal circumstances. The most up-to-date systems usually offer better features and increased security. The drawbacks are th... Read More »