32 to 64 bit computer upgrade?

Answer Basically, make sure your processor supports 64bit OS. And then if you have more than 4gb RAM, then you can make the most of a 64bit Operating System.And you cant upgrade windows 7 32bit into 64bit... Read More »

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I have a windows Xp computer is it to outdated to upgrade without buying a new computer?

Run the Windows 7 upgrade advisor to see if you can upgrade to win 7.…If your on about upgrading the computer hardware.. Just buy a new one.

Can I upgrade my computer?

Nope, that PC probably has integrated graphics and possibly another RAM slot. You can't change the processor nor the graphics and overclocking would a bad idea considering that there is no proper a... Read More »

How to upgrade a computer?

Is this a laptop??? If so...then you cant upgrade anything more than add ram or a new hard drive. the HD4000 graphics is "built into" the cant change would have to have a PCIe x... Read More »

How do I Upgrade Computer RAM?

When a computer is running slowly, it is likely in need of more memory, or RAM. Computers are sold with about a quarter of the computer RAM they can support. Upgrading computer RAM can be done by a... Read More »