36 mbs connection very slow?

Answer Their might be problem with wired/wireless LAN card

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Internet connection and computer very slow. My flat is very cold. Is there a connection with these 2 facts?

1) Slow internet connection has to do with your ISP (Internet Service Providers). Orange broadband and very cold flat are immaterial.Complain to your ISP on phone. They will only make a very sm... Read More »

My laptop is becoming very very slow. It is virus free. What should I do?

There are MANY reasons for computer slow downs:a] not enough memoryb] too many programs starting up with windows at boot up timec] spywared] too many junk filese] too many restore pointsRoutine mai... Read More »

This PC of mine is 5 years old and is so very very slow. Should I buy a new one I have had it reset to?

How to Speed Up your PC?1. Regularly Update Your Hardware DriversA hardware driver is a small bit of code packaged in a file, which tells a computer system how to utilize a piece of hardware. Every... Read More »

What can I do to speed up my computer as downloading is very slow and the memory is very low?

LOL !!! 20 years out of date, time for an upgrade!!!