36 mbs connection very slow?

Answer Their might be problem with wired/wireless LAN card

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Internet connection and computer very slow. My flat is very cold. Is there a connection with these 2 facts?

1) Slow internet connection has to do with your ISP (Internet Service Providers). Orange broadband and very cold flat are immaterial.Complain to your ISP on phone. They will only make a very sm... Read More »

Slow connection?

I should have said it opened the opera "browser" not website. Possibly you've got 'Opera' browser enabled as default?

How to Fix a Slow Internet Connection?

A slow Internet connection can be extremely frustrating when you are working online. You can contact a computer technician, but they will most likely charge you a large amount of money to just look... Read More »

Slow Internet connection?

Your internet can be slowing down for a variety of different reasons, there are alot of factors that can contribute to slow internet speeds however in your question i will explain why your internet... Read More »