4 Desktops on my laptop?

Answer was it a mac? it might be spaces thenlike this?…you can only get it on a macxxx

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Lap Top or Desktops?

Unless you have specific need for a laptop go for a desktop, more of everything for similar cost and you don't have to pay out for a flatscreen. I've regretted it since I made the mistake of thinki... Read More »

Blu-Ray Player Desktops?

Just make sure the video card is capable of it. If its an old computer it probably won't be able to, but anything modern should. Of course a HTPC video card is ideal but not necessary

Good gaming desktops?

I looked on that website and i must say it's really lame. How can they call themselves "PCWorld" when they sell merely 20 desktops?Anyway, for under 500£ you can get this one: Read More »

Multiple Home/desktops on PC.?

there are free programs that provide multiple desktops already available ^^ I didnt know that!! :) Can anybody recommend a good one to download for windows XP? http://www.howtogeek....sktops-on-win... Read More »