640-802 Exam - Failed first attempt?

Answer Cisco exam 640-802 relates thing with Cisco Unity Design and Networking certification is one of the hottest certifications exams these days. In order to become a capable and skilled IT professional... Read More »

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Would you rather to pass the driving test first time with15 minors,or on your second attempt with only 2 or 3?

First.Makes no difference if you get 15 or 1, you still pass.Doesn't affect insurance or anything else.All you would be doing was wasting money. And considering what the f***king test costs now!

How many people have failed their driving test first time?

Don't worry, I FAILED MINE 1ST TIME - AND THE 2ND TIME. I did pass 3rd time lucky though.

Pacific crossing attempt?

The weather is cool, occasional squalls, with force 4-5 winds. There are many shipping lanes between the major ports in the Far East (Tokyo, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore,) and major ports in California... Read More »

Trace ip address second attempt?

It may be that the person who read it did so using a mail client such as outlook express, so the email remained on the server (hotmail) but downloaded to the PC, and you're reading the ip address o... Read More »