A file on my c drive is hiden how do i make it appear again?

Answer Open the drive and do the following; Click Tools > Folder options and go to View tab. Here select "Show Hidden files and folders" under Hidden Files and Folders option.Your files will become visibl... Read More »

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How to Make a File Autorun From a Flash Drive?

Imagine the scene: it's 6pm and you have just sat down in front of the telly. You've got your tea and you're ready to watch the news. As you do so, the first story - something boring about politics... Read More »

On google drive can you make a file public like you can do on dropbox?

Learn about Public Sharing…In the future, ask your drive question at…

I am trying to move a 4 gb file from my laptop hard drive to an external hard drive, but it keeps telling me..?

coz your partition has either got either FAT or FAT32 filesystem which allow a miximum size of only about 4 GB (maybe it dont allow 4 gb either but only those less then 4GB). partition your drive i... Read More »

Random file on hard drive which i can not delete?

They are temporary fles created by Programs I would not suggest deleting them but if you do some software may not function delete the file you will have to do this... Read More »