A query about 3g modems?

Answer You're right, the numbers do refer to download speed. However these numbers are misleading as they represent the maximum theoretical speed possible. In reality actual speeds vary greatly depending ... Read More »

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Query about linkbaiting?

Be controversial, be funny, offer something for free, give good advice, but do something to stand out and offer quality content and people will naturally link to it

Query About Computer Startup?

delete it.also run a virus scan to be safe and if you go to command prompt and type in msconfig.exe you can change the startup settings as in what will open or not.

Another query about Green Tomato Chutney.?

You've nothing to lose by boiling it up again - but yes, leave off he lid. It gets a bit tying in the final stages as you have to keep stirring regularly to stop it from catching on the bottom of t... Read More »

I have a query about the privacy settings on facebook?

the answer to your question lies here...…r u comin the pub 2moro?