A query about 3g modems?

Answer You're right, the numbers do refer to download speed. However these numbers are misleading as they represent the maximum theoretical speed possible. In reality actual speeds vary greatly depending ... Read More »

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The Best DSL Modems for AT&T?

If you've signed up for AT&T DSL service, the company will probably give you a modem for free. Taking the free modem will be the best choice for most home and small business users. However, if AT&T... Read More »

What are Wireless Modems?

Wireless modems are devices that allow computers to connect to a wireless local area network (WLAN) without physical cabling such as ethernet wiring. Wireless modems use cellular, satellite or WiFi... Read More »

What are External Modems?

External modems are communication devices that computers utilize to connect to public networks like the Internet. A modem that sits inside the computer is called an internal modem, while modems tha... Read More »

Would I be able to have two modems in a home?

A modem is the thing that sits between your telephone line and your computer, and is used to translate analogue signals to digital information that computers understand, and vice versa. The reason ... Read More »