A question about deactivated Facebook accounts and private messages?

Answer Yes, she will be able to see the message, but it won't have your name, it will say 'Facebook User' in black, so she wont be able to lcick on your page from there. :-)

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Facebook question. deactivated my account but they emailed saying 'can sign in anytime?

Your account can never be fully deleted. It can only be disabled. Don't worry, everything from your account will not appear to anybody anymore after you deactivate. If you reactivate, it would be t... Read More »

Can you get facebook messages sent to two email accounts?

Currently you only have the option to send it to one email address.

Are Facebook messages private?

Yes, they are private. But delete it from your sent items after you send it (in case you leave your fb page open by mistake).

Can you view old private messages on Facebook timeline?

Well, depending on if you delete your messages completely, it IS possible. Click on the little message box thingy in the top left corner, click see all. IF you delete your message from right there ... Read More »