A question about iPad Newsstand downloads?

Answer 40GB

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Ipad question...?

plug it in to itunes, sync it let it do a back up etcon the main page in itunes for your ipad, choose restore.this will remove all form your ipad reinstall and put it back to how it was.Has it ever... Read More »

Ipad Question?

Do you mean it isn't the number attached to your phone? I'm assuming you have a 3G iPad, if so the number will be that assigned to the 3G SIM I would think. You can receive iMessages on multiple em... Read More »

What Is a Magazine Newsstand?

A magazine newsstand is a place to quickly buy newspapers and magazines. They are often found outside, but may also be located inside larger stores such as bookstores, supermarkets, or even discoun... Read More »

Ipad Restore Question?

It depends. If iTunes (music) shows his complete collection then 1. OK. Or if he only has iTunes purchases then 2. OK. If he has CD's or other music that iTunes doesn't have in its library then onl... Read More »