A question about my Facebook account?

Answer Use forgot password and request facebook to sent you an email with reset password link. Then log in to your email and click the link and enter your new password and access your old account. AS SIMP... Read More »

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Question re Facebook account?

you set up a new facebook account, against the rules, using the same email address?there is no way to fix this

WARNING:This is a serious survey question- Have you got a facebook account?

Facebook question. deactivated my account but they emailed saying 'can sign in anytime?

Your account can never be fully deleted. It can only be disabled. Don't worry, everything from your account will not appear to anybody anymore after you deactivate. If you reactivate, it would be t... Read More »

VERY retarded question :D - good reasons (excuses) to delete facebook account and make another?

it's against the rules to delete your account and create a new oneonce you start adding the same friends again, using your same computer, facebook will catch on to what you are doing and lock both ... Read More »