A question about twitter?

Answer in the settings there's an option that you can select or deselect whether or not you want people to find you using your email

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Question about twitter help!?

This is either a scam or an advertisement. Just ignore it and continue with your life.

Question about twitter- please help?

You basically talk about what your interest are, you get your followers by doing that and tweeting a lot and asking for people to follow you back. You follow people that share the same interest as ... Read More »

If someone is stalking me on twitter will twitter tell me about it?

Not unless they favorite, retweet, or reply to a tweet. But besides that no. I think you might be able to block

Twitter question!!!!!?

They bought them from some site.Shows how sad they are if you have to buy their friends/followers.Most of them have to buy them because no one is bothered orinterested in reading the inane drivel t... Read More »