A question about windows 7 defender?

Answer many security programs deactivate windows firewall because they have their own firewall so leave it if i was you. norton does that but avast doesn't as avast is made to work with the windows one

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Windows defender Q?

The thing about Windows Defender is that it's constantly monitoring your PC for changes. If one of these changes is from an outside source & WD alerts you they're hacking your PC, it's done it's jo... Read More »

Is mse and windows defender enough?

It should be if you are only on sites you KNOW to be safe, and don't install questionable programs, or game packs that are not from official developers. All microsoft anti-malware programs suck, bu... Read More »

Windows Defender?

Meh, it's OK, but I'd never trust it on it's own.I have a site that will probably help you out. It includes links, guides, reviews, screen grabs of interest and, more importantly screen by screen h... Read More »

Spy-bot or windows defender, which do you think is the best?

Meh, I'm pranoid - and I don't even surf dodgy sites or P2P - I used Spybot, Ad-Aware, Defender and a few others for good measure. Those b'ds really are out to get you!I have a site that will proba... Read More »