A website where i can design a tattoo?

Answer Not htat I know of. But you can definetly talk to your artist, and he can give you ideas. Also, tattoos are supposed to be meaningful, and not something that you just found on the web. Something wi... Read More »

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How to Design Your Own Tattoo Lettering Using Tattoo Fonts?

Tattoos originate from primitive times; thousands of years ago, people used their skin as a canvas for art. A man would wound himself then put dirt or ashes deep into the scrape or cut to produce a... Read More »

How Can I Design a Tattoo?

Many people like to design a tattoo rather than picking out an already-made tattoo design so that they can have a customized tattoo which is also deeply personal. Anyone can design a tattoo, but th... Read More »

Tattoo design?

I think something like a cherryblossom going around your wrist, and travelling down your hand/finger, would look nice.It would be like a bracelet with a dangley bit on it.

Can someone design my tattoo?

What difference does it make going to a tattoo artist or a regular artist. I am an artist that has dawn for celebrities, but I still would have to charge for the design since I am a full time art s... Read More »