ABH and Battery Charge (against Child of 4)?

Answer why are you even talking about him!! because she wants some peace of mind, obviously. stay strong Leesha, I hope he gets what he deserves. some one will come along and answer your question for you.... Read More »

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Battery charging can i use my golf trolley battery to charge my car battery?

if the batteries are the same voltage then yes. The trolley battery is likely smaller so it may take the car battery longer to charge fully.

How to Charge a Battery With a Vector Battery Charger?

Flat car batteries can be a real inconvenience. You need to charge the battery before the car will function again. This can be done with another car's working battery. If you do not have another ca... Read More »

Will two battery chargers charge one battery faster?

You cannot have a car battery that is "larger in volts" than the last one. All car batteries are nominally 12 volts but can show up to 14.5 when fully charged and off-load. I think you mean that it... Read More »

Is it better to buy a new car battery or charge the old one?

Charging definitely works ! check all your connections on battery and alternator as may be a dirty connection not allowing the battery to charge. Don't think your battery is dead as it holds charge... Read More »