ATTENTION: Eden Project!!?

Answer Yes of course I'll join your group, wheres the harm in it? I mean honestly people!

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What kind of fruit did Adam and Eve eat at Eden?

i don't think that it was an apple but i don't know

Anyone been on the website eden trends Can i trust it?

Are there any IT/Project management/Project Admin Jobs going in Northallerton?

Pop your CV on the jobs boards, Monster, Fish4, Total Jobs, Jobsite. If you have an address in Yorks, pop that on your CV or at least mention on your CV that you are moving to Yorks in the new year... Read More »

Attention Men...Booooooobs!?

Natural boobs are sooooooooooo much more sexy, feel so much better in my hands or on me, fake boobs might look a little nicer but not worth it at all. Firm breasts are the best in my opinion fake b... Read More »