About Facebook and deceased members -"friend's suggestion" for someone who has died?

Answer You can "Memorialize a Deceased Facebook User's Account"1. Go to and log into your Facebook account.2. to the Deceased page on Facebook. A direct link to Facebook's Deceased page is pr... Read More »

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Do Friends Suggested on Facebook Get Me As a Friend Suggestion?

On your home page in Facebook, there's a section for friend suggestions. These are people that, based on various factors, Facebook thinks you might know. Depending on how these suggestions were gen... Read More »

Why do anonymous people show up as suggestion for friends on facebook?

unknown people.... not anonymous people. "Anonymous" would mean that the people had no names on their profiles.Anyways....The mutual friend finder takes a lot of stuff into account, such as if the ... Read More »

Ways to Honor Deceased Family Members?

When some of your family members pass away, it is often difficult because you're reminded of their influence in your life. You can keep their memory alive by honouring them in creative but respectf... Read More »

How to Find Lost and Deceased Family Members?

Finding a family member that you haven't seen in a while, or finding a deceased family member, was once a difficult thing. The widespread use of the Internet has made things a little easier, especi... Read More »