About O2 fair usage policy?

Answer The simple answer is, only the owner of O2 knows. They operate a fair usage policy, but can't seem to be bothered to tell you an exact limit. I have O2 broadband myself, I use it quite a lot, but n... Read More »

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What sort of bandwidth usage does BT consider to be in breach of their fair usage policy?

Probably if your using it in 24/7 or commercially. this is a disclaimer, if you are paying for an "unlimited" service. So theres no straight answer. If anyone has been involved in a court case in... Read More »

How to get around a fair use policy.?

You don't actually say whether their fair use policy stated the 10Gb before you signed up for it.If it did you have no chance, but if this is the first time you have been told that there is a fair ... Read More »

Need an isp with no download limits (or fair useage policy)?

Hello,(ANS) You cannot have the cake & eat it too?? There is No! such thing as a cheap unlimited (uncapped) broadband service. Why? because ALL ISP's here in the UK dont see it as cost effective fo... Read More »

Would fair use policy for broadband allow me to download movies from torrent sites?

Even if you can, it's still illegal. You're still looking at the possibility of a lawsuit or criminal charges. And since you're engaged in an illegal activity, I seriously doubt that it would fal... Read More »