About Viking Age Folding Knives?

Answer Although folding knives are often thought of in terms of modern pocketknives and switchblades, they have existed for thousands of years. During the Viking Age, which lasted from the medieval eighth... Read More »

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About Custom Folding Knives?

Custom folding knives are precision instruments, made with the finest materials. They are also works of art with handles hand carved out of the most expensive woods, inlaid with gems or hand painte... Read More »

How do steak knives differ in structure from the "super" cut-through-anything non-damageable knives?

A good knife is distinguished both by its cutting edge and the backbone that supports that edge. The ideal knife has a very hard cutting edge (one that never undergoes plastic deformation and thus ... Read More »

The Best Knives for Skinning Elk?

Hunters and taxidermists need to have durable, sharp blades in order to skin game. A variety of skinning knives are on the market today, and other knives can be used for skinning as well. For skinn... Read More »

What are Ceramic Knives?

Ceramic knives are built exactly like traditional steel knives. They, however, have a blade made of a very hard kind of ceramic. The ceramic used in the blades on ceramic knives is often zirconium ... Read More »