About my computer updating it?

Answer To answer your immediate question, yes. It will take quite a bit of finagling and messing about with themes and skins and such. Just Google "windows 8 appearance for xp" and go through most of the ... Read More »

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updating my computer?

You could get a good sized external memory drive - say 500gb - and copy the content of folders across.Do this by plugging the external drive into the laptop; highlight and copy the folders you want... Read More »

I am updating my CV and want to add something about myself apart from qualifications etc?

Do not do a 3 or 4 page CV. Most business want to 1 or 2 pages of where you have worked, and what you did for those companies. Do NOT put down your hobbies, interests, age, marital details, your me... Read More »

I have recieved a email from lloyds when i saying about there internet banking needs updating when i opended ?

As long as you deleted it there should have no problem. However when you get these it's always better to just forward them to your own bank's fraud department. All the banks no matter where they ar... Read More »

Im thinking about buying a computer. But im absolutely clueless about how to use one.?

There are books and mags that go through the basics, or you can join a library, some give lessons.If all else fails get a relative around to help you.