About network hacking?

Answer You mean you cell phones don't work? A lot of school have so many barriers between you and the cell signals, that it won't work. Some companies also use RF EMI shielding materials so their employ... Read More »

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A question about hacking jobs?

You have not given your age or educational information so I will try to give you good general answers on some ways to proceed in an IT career. You will need to go to college to get a degree. TV sho... Read More »

Question to someone who knows about hacking.?

That warning message appears when you try to turn off the computer..When other User accounts are still signed in.No one is hacking you :)

What do you think about computer hacking as an issue?

Like the old saying; "do unto others as you would like done onto you".Not only does this exposes you to being hacked it is ILLEGAL, If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. Many times those wh... Read More »

Bought a new samsung i9220, network search shows one network i would like to add the network for my sim card.?

You are confusing 2 things. Mobile network and wifi networks. Your mobile network depends on the SIMM card and cannot be changed unless you use change the SIMM. You can only have one mobile network... Read More »