Accessing computers though lan?

Answer Your brother is feeding you BS. Windows version has nothing to do with file sharing privileges.You can control what files and folders are shared via Windows file sharing.You can also turn off windo... Read More »

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Can my employer take me to court for accessing colleagues computers?

It is unlikely, as you have only broken internal rules, a bit like looking in the boss's drawer. The Police are not going to be interested and the employer has suffered no loss. You have shown th... Read More »

If two computers are accessing the same Windows Mail account, can one by POP mail and the other IMAP?

My computer monitor keeps turning off even though. The computers still on.?

If it's brand new, it should still be under warranty. I'd contact the manufacturer & let them deal w/it, because if you open the case & start removing/swapping parts, you're going to void your war... Read More »

My computers monitor keeps turning off even though the computer is still on?

download synaptic touch pad drivers than you can set it as you want.…