Accuracy of i.p addresses in emails (please make this make sense!)?

Answer the simple answer is yes it does. or rather that that the email was sent from the same computer. whether its actually hers or not is anyones guess. also means that the connection was consistent con... Read More »

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Sending multiple Emails. If two or more addresses are put in the to field. Do all recipients see all addresses?

If you use BCC no-one else will see who else is in the BCC fieldBUT....and this is a big butt....if you copy someone into the BCC field, they will also be copied into any "reply all" emails and if ... Read More »

How to Extract Email Addresses From Emails in Gmail?

Extracting e-mail addresses from your Gmail e-mails allows you to build up your contact list. You can keep important e-mail addresses for professionals, family and friends available for the next ti... Read More »

How to Send Mass Emails Without Showing the Email Addresses?

When you put a list of e-mail recipients in the "To" or "CC" line of an e-mail, every recipient can see that entire list. This can result in a privacy breach or simply cause a headache as multiple ... Read More »

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