Activate Ipad 1, no wifi or itunes, please help?

Answer To get Itunes working you need to have an internet connection. As you say you have no wifi, If your ipad model supports 3G [some do and some don't] then you will need to connect to the internet usi... Read More »

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How to Activate a Disabled iTunes Account?

After a number of failed login attempts, Apple automatically disables an iTunes account. Even if you guess the correct password and log in, you will be unable to perform important actions such as u... Read More »

How to Activate Your iPhone 3G 3.1.3 With a T-Mobile SIM Card on iTunes?

Activating a T-Mobile SIM card on iTunes takes seconds to do. iTunes will automatically recognise the SIM card in the new T-mobile iPhone and activate it instantly without the user having to do any... Read More »

Wifi on my iPad is terrible (iPad 4)?

It could be your router. I had a similar issue where my laptop connection would just disconnect.I got a new router and it seem to solve the problem.You should borrow a friend or family member rout... Read More »

How Long to Activate an iPad?

Setting up or activating a new iPad should only take a few minutes. Activating your 3G mobile data service on Wi-Fi + 3G models will take a little longer. The activation process will depend on your... Read More »