Activate Ipad 1, no wifi or itunes, please help?

Answer To get Itunes working you need to have an internet connection. As you say you have no wifi, If your ipad model supports 3G [some do and some don't] then you will need to connect to the internet usi... Read More »

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IPad mini iPad 3 or 2 Help me please?

Itunes not opening - help please?

Hi,I hear ya! I have threatened to throw my computer out the windows often.It seems to respond well to threats and straightens right up up.ok seriously - assuming you have windows xp..I have purcha... Read More »

ITunes purchases help please?

That's happened to me before. What I did was I emailed Apple with the email address in the iTunes FAQ and explained what happened. They let me download all my purchases again using my login account... Read More »

WiFi help please/?

You need to buy a wireless router. If this is a DSL phone line service you need aDSL router to replace your modem. If it is Cable you need a cable router to connect to your modem.