Addictive websites?

Answer well...sites like myspace/ sites. (mega multi player online role playing games)1.www.runescape.com2.www.worldofwar... Read More »

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Does anyone know of any good/addictive websites?

Why do you think this site is so addictive?

I seem to find that i spend most of my time on here answering peoples questions about computers. I love computers, and I love to help people with thier problems. For me it's a way to always be he... Read More »

Is AIM or MSN messenger addictive?

If you enjoy talking to the people in your contact list then yes.

Is ebay addictive?

Yes it can be on the bidding side of things.As with anything, exercise control and do your homework. I've seen so many people get caught up in the whole bidding thing. I 've also seen it in real au... Read More »