Advertising/marketing ideas needed for unique product...?

Answer What Budget do you have? Could try email marketing ... contact me if you want to learn more.

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In the future it may be more difficult to obtain metal needed to make everyday product.Explain why?

The world has a limited amount of resources (like iron ore). As we use more & more, there is less available to be mined. We dig out the easy stuff first, meaning that what is left is in the harde... Read More »

Can a company market a product as their new concept and then sell a product as a their new product if they learned about the idea, plan for it before from another party?

I read this twice and still can't understand it. Depends on the product and the calibre of the barristers they can employ. It's sometimes worth companies risking actions being brought as the profit... Read More »

What product that is unique to your country do you think would go down well in another country?

Wagon Wheels. The best chocolate coated, mellow / jam filled biscuit available on the Isle Of Man. I'm sure if they weren't hand made and they could some how increase production the world would be ... Read More »

Unique Fundraising ideas?

Unfortunately there is no fundraising idea that is not difficult to do. There are simple ideas, but they still take effort, focus and the right promoting to succeed.Your best bet would probably be ... Read More »