After further inspection: I have discovered that DVD/CDR drive is ROM ...?

Answer well done aunty you are getting clever and PC stands for POP CORN...

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I was arrested for a crime that I did not commit, and no further action was taken after an investigation. Does this mean I have a criminal record?

Unless you received an official police caution, then no. No.It'll be on your record if you was charged or cautioned. so it won't show up on the local police records as I am having an enhanced CRB f... Read More »

What Are The Best Websites That You Have Discovered In The Last Year?

Google Earth and Wikipedia. Sorry, I'm boring.........

I have just discovered that I will soon be made redundant-advice anyone?

Start investing in a new job. I know it sounds soon but it will take a long time

I have discovered that an old friend has used video of my daughter on you tube without asking me what can i do?

First ask your friend to remove it. If they refuse email YouTube and explain the situation to them. Big companies are moer willing to remove things due to copyright etc and unless you signed an agr... Read More »