After further inspection: I have discovered that DVD/CDR drive is ROM ...?

Answer well done aunty you are getting clever and PC stands for POP CORN...

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In an MOT service/inspection, will they replace your tires before the inspection is done..........?

If the MOT test is underway then no defective parts (e.g. tyres, light bulbs or brake pads, etc.) will be replaced during the test procedure and the vehicle will be failed.It is therefore wise to h... Read More »

I can't believe someone has parked on my private drive! I returned home today to find a Range Rover actually on my drive, not blocking my drive but actually on my drive!!! It is a private house conversion with two parking spaces,?

hope you blocked them in Park smack in front of em or drag it out of the way. Block them in, then go to the pub. If it is your land you are within your rights to block them in and there is nowt the... Read More »

How Does a Singer Get Discovered?

Midwives have been recognized medical professionals throughout history who care for expectant mothers through pregnancy, labor and delivery. After the birth, a midwife can also attend to the needs ... Read More »

who discovered nylon?

Nylon was more of an invention than a discovery. A chemist by the name of Wallace Hume Carothers invented nylon at the DuPont laboratories.