Alienware D9T Specs?

Answer Alienware D9T was laptop also known as the Alienware M7700, Clevo D9T and D900T or Sager 9860. It is a gaming laptop designed as a desktop replacement. The laptop was released in 2006 for a price o... Read More »

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Im buying an Alienware X51 is it worth geting it with the alienware 3d monitor?

There is no point in getting a 3D monitor if the PC itself isn't good enough to run 3D. The Alienware x51 isn't capable of running 3D vision adequately, even with it's maxed out hardware. In fact, ... Read More »

Is the alienware x51 3d?

What ram should I get for my Alienware x51? they have a tool to scan your system and offer options

Oerclocking my alienware?

I think you'll find that the overclocking ability is seriously nerfed [by Dell] on the Alienware. It will only allow OC'ing on one core/thread. Not on the whole CPU. Kind of lame.