All my computers keep losing internet connection?

Answer mobile phones cordless phones microwaves and metal can all interfere with the router.They also have trouble sending signals round corners or through doors.The best place for a router is up high awa... Read More »

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Why do i keep losing my connection to the internet?

I keep losing wifi/Internet connection?

First try to connect to another network, another wifi, maybe at school or a Mcdonals, and check if you laptop has problems in them too, if so, the problem most likely is your laptopIf not, you can ... Read More »

Why does my laptop keep losing its internet connection at random moments?

It has to be the evil machinations of the laptop gremlin monkeys. It is a commonly held belief that said nefarious gremlin monkeys act to sabotage your connection settings when you least want them... Read More »

Why does my belkin g+ mimo router keep losing internet connection?

Give them a call on 08456077787 if u are on a BT package it is now free! Technical support is free with Belkin and this product has lifetime warranty. Or go to this page and look at their returns p... Read More »