Am I being spied upon?

Answer Yes the system administrator can see what you are doing and can see what you have done.All web pages are probably buffered on the main server. So all pages ever accessed by any user will be stored... Read More »

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How to Detect Being Spied on at Home?

Those who spy have many resources available. Technology has made it easy for someone who wants to spy to purchase and set up spy gear, including motion-sensitive recording cameras, anywhere. It has... Read More »

Signs That Your Computer Is Being Spied On?

When you unwittingly download spyware onto your computer, criminals can use the rogue software to record information about your computer activity and files. This information can then be transmitted... Read More »

I am being assured by very reputable scientists (Professors of Physics in American and European universities) that centrifugal force is a fictitious force, even though the action of a centrifuge is defined as depending upon it. I would be very gratef?

While "centrifugal force" is something we all seem to experience, it truly is a fictitious force. By a fictitious force, I mean that it is a side effect of acceleration and not a cause of accelerat... Read More »

Are we getting a bit fed up with tax upon tax ?

i am getting very taxed by these questions,,,,a very rich man once said,,,only the poor pay taxes,,,,,how right he was,the gov will "look at compensation in october"for extra fuel costs and loss of... Read More »