Am I the only person who can't be bothered with Facebook?

Answer I don't use it and in my opinion is a bad thing , I have seen and heard so many bad outcomes through it , arguments , threats , causing trouble , not what I think it was set up for and is just abu... Read More »

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Would you be bothered if Facebook closed down permanently right now?

Not in the slightest!Maybe kids would do some school work instead and productivity in offices would go up dramatically.Not to mention the social and relationship breakdowns it and other such Social... Read More »

On twitter can u send a message to one person and that person alone kinda like msn or facebook?

I lost my iPhone. the person who has it is online on my Facebook. how can i find it through Facebook?…look at this website and then either call fb up and track your phone or email there helpline!! errrr and if someone's taken your phone that's quite seriou... Read More »

Am I the only person who does not like facebook?

There are more non facebook users, than there are users's a bit like Marmite - you either love it or hate itThose who love it can't shut up about it though, which just makes it seem more ... Read More »