Am an Autocad Technican 16 years experience cant get a decent salary Why?

Answer Quite simply because too many people use it and you dont need that much training.Its not really classed as a highly skilled job.I suggest you study design. With your experience it shouldn't take y... Read More »

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SOS - average salary for civil engineer with masters degree and two years experience in dubai?

well a graduate civil engineer fresh out of uni would get between £24 - £28K Per annum. So with your qualifications and experience i would guess in excess of £40k. NB lecturers in this subject... Read More »

Is this salary decent?

No,that is anything but decentMy son is 21, he's an I.T. support officer, works Mon-Fri and earns a lot more than thatHe also gets two bonuses a year, based on the company's performanceWe also live... Read More »

Would £26,000 (before tax) a year be a decent salary?

According to the Office of National Statistics the average pay last year was £26,500.…So it has to be enough for most people. It's OK but not enough for ... Read More »

Is this salary decent as an IT engineer?

its peanuts,you must get atleast 3000000 gb per month