Am i a Motherboard?

Answer You are. But the amount of 'ram' needs upgrading immediately! How much 'cache' do you have? You could come see me. You could 'drive' or use the 'bus'. Your memory is important you know! You don't w... Read More »

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Will a mini-itx motherboard fit in a case that supports atx motherboard?

Although obviously a smaller motherboard will fit a larger computer case, mounting holes and connector layout may not be compatible.Some computer cases that hold ATX size, will also accept mini-itx... Read More »

I need a new motherboard for ?

Laptop motherboards are all proprietary unlike generic ATX motherboards for desktops.if you google "hp dv2000 motherboard" you will get some places selling second hand parts otherwise HP may be abl... Read More »

What motherboard shall i get?

To previous poster; Z77 is an Intel chipset.Best Am3+ board is Asus Crosshair V Formula 990FX. But it does cost a lot.More reasonably priced, but still a top end board is the Asus Sabertooth 990fx.... Read More »

CPU FSB & Motherboard FSB?

You will not see any increase in performance. Just because the motherboard can go faster doesn't affect the processor speed in any way.Think of the CPU like a 2.0 Liter Engine. You take the engin... Read More »