An annoying guy on facebook, adds everyone I do, how to stop him?

Answer either delete him and change every thing to my friends in the link…or block him using…

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Do you hate those annoying smiley adds?

Well, if you hate them, don't you think it's time to get rid of them?Go to and download Firefox, which you should have already,and then just go to Read More »

What do you do when someone who you don't know adds you on facebook?

If we don't have any friends in common then I usually send them a message asking why they chose to add me. If they don't send a response then I don't accept and if they do send a response it depen... Read More »

Ex girlfriend adds you on Facebook, you do what?

Tough one, my man..Depends on her motives and your thoughts at the moment.Either she's trying to stalk you or she's thinking about hooking back up with you and wants to see if it'd be a good move.D... Read More »

Boyfriend adds random girls on facebook?

What a ******* pervert (your "boyfriend")If he's doing that then it's obvious he has NO respect for you and how it makes you feel. if he really cared he wouldn't look at ANY girl but you!! I would ... Read More »