An internet question I get 2 gig of usage a month?

Answer you should be able to check with Orange.. but of the activities you listed, internet radio will definitely eat up 2 gigs in a month with ease.

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Can someone tell me of a free usage meter to tell me my mb usage a month thanks? click on the Broadband doesn't matter who your ISP is.

Hi BT are telling me that that the total usage for last month was 7.49 GB. Is it a lot. I'm not a big user?

It depends what you've been doing. Downloading obviously increases your usage. That isn't a lot. I use more than that without downloads. The BT limit of 2 Gb is too low. My limit is 40 Gb. That may... Read More »

How much internet usage do i need?

You need at least 5Mbs download bandwidth, but 10 would guarantee no slowdowns.

Question about broadband usage?

None of what you're talking about should add up to that much, no.