Android mini pc (MK802 etc) - can you access a USB drive via Wifi?

Answer your best option would be to plug the USB drive into your Windows PC and right click on the drive, click on properties, then click on the Sharing tab and allow that drive to be shared on your netwo... Read More »

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My hp compaq mini notebook computer has broken and i want to access the hard drive?

You can buy the external drive cable set on ebay. It will allow you to connect both kinds of drives.

Very odd wifi problem: laptop does not gain internet access on home wifi, but other devices does?

I can't say exactly what your issue is, but here's some ideas to narrow down the problem. Open up command prompt and type ipconfig, and then check what ip you have. If it doesn't show a default gat... Read More »

WiFi. Neighbour using my wifi to access internet?

Allowing your neighbor to use the connection to your ISP without their paying for it is a crime. It is called "theft of services". You can be fined, charged for his usage, and possibly even face ... Read More »

How to Send a File to Android Over WiFi?

Your Android phone has a slot for an SD memory card that usually holds up to 2GB of data. Sometimes that amount isn't enough to store all the files you need to use on your smartphone, or you aren't... Read More »