Anonymous are taking down facebook on November 5th. Should I delete my details from my page?

Answer Of course they're not. I don't know why people believe in such rubbish.Two old sayings, "Never listen to tittle tattle and rumour"and "Assumption is the mother of all f*ck ups!"

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How do you delete a map from your facebook page?

explained here…

Is Facebook gonna be shut down on November 5th this year or is that a hoax?

Facebook is such a powerful platform, and generates so much income, that I doubt it's owners would even consider shutting it down. It connects millions of people through mutual interest, allows peo... Read More »

Should I delete him from my facebook?

vikkie more or less says enjoy life , I agree, but you are not enjoying or being fulfilled with the guy you are wasting precious time and you are stressed and unhappy ,i know its hard when you are... Read More »

Should I delete her from facebook?

don't bother deleting her as it will make no difference and she probably won't notice anyway. The pregnant one does sound insulting but she could have just not wanted to broadcast the fact that she... Read More »