Answer these Social Networking questions for 10 points?

Answer Because

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Twitter questions! Best answer gets 10 points?

No racism, religious hate, violence or bullying or threatening anyone also no nudity or pornography that is basically it

Driving pros and cons and questions 10 points to the best answer?

Good: you are more independent, you can go where ever you want but on the bus you can't, you don't have to ask other people to take you places, you can drive the way you want (as long as it obeys t... Read More »

I have a very pure and simple networking problem, that any networking expert can answer...?

You could buy a wireless bridge to connect to the wifi, then connect that AP to a switch, then connect all of your devices to that switch.And BOOM. Everything is connected.

On social media, social networking sites, what is the correct way to add people?