Anti virus HELP?

Answer the best that I use is AVG free, you are given the option to use the free one which is updated daily or pay for it. I personally don't pay for any software. Read More »

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Would someone be kind enough to give me some links to efficient FREE anti-spy/anti-virus programmes please?

If you want a free anti-virus I recommend in order of popularity, but please choose the right one for you (install only one):1. AVG Freea. A simple interface (easier to use than Avast! and Avira)b.... Read More »

Is AVG Free a sufficiently strong anti-virus/anti-worm protection system?

What free anti-virus, firewall, anti spyware/malware do you recommend?

I'd recommend using AVG anti-virus, Comodo firewall, AVG anti-spyware along with the firefox web browser or any browser other than internet explorer.

Mac OS X Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware Software - Where can I get it Serious case of URLs being redirected!?

it can be from the ISP or if you are doing internet sharing it could be from a pc or screwed up router config!are you piggybacking on someone?I'd watched the answers for your question.. and assumed... Read More »