Any advice for a first time sex line worker?

Answer I'm sure your clients will dictate the pace of the conversation. Given time is money, best to start with idle chat, and then go into full detail on various things without boring them. If they wa... Read More »

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Is it legal to make a full time worker redundant and then employ new part time staff at the same time.?

if you have been made redundant from your job then they cannot hire new staff for the same job because your job technically no longer exists. if this is the case you have the right to take legal ac... Read More »

Can a part time worker take time off work without being refused it?

An employee can limit the times that people can take holiday.If September is a busy month then, yes, they can refuse to allow holidays in that period.If he just goes then he will be sacked for gros... Read More »

I am looking for work operating as a sex line phone worker any ideas?

Go to www.phoneactress.comNo one should judge...when ya gotta pay the bills, ya gotta pay the bills!

Any advice for an aspiring google/apple worker :)?

well my friends did a-level ICT and although it was hard, they enjoyed it. if you want to work in that field, then it would be good if you had some knowledge prior. most people think if you want to... Read More »