Any clues why my iPad keeps dropping out of the internet whilst trying to sign into Yahoo?

Answer Steve Jobs is trying to log back into this mortal coil, and has chosen the Moley-Foldey IPO as his portal. You should feel honored.

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internet dropping off?

Hav you tried the router direct to the incoming master phone socket?There is another possibility that the 'gain' on your line has suffered due to extra connections to people in your area. (This is ... Read More »

My internet keeps dropping any help?

Hi Ina,I would suggest you to try the following troubleshooting steps, if you are using wireless connection:1. Check as when does it disconnects and how often. 2. Check the Distance - if more than ... Read More »

Internet Keeps Dropping Out?

Interference from other electrical equipment seems to be a likely cause, particularly if such equipment is close to your PC. (Printers, for example, can cause a lot of interference; just try putti... Read More »

My internet connection keeps dropping?

Telefonica is not a small ISP.The problem is the internet connection they are providing you. They need to fix it.