Any funny Facebook groups that I can like or join ?

Answer These are some funny pages you can find on Facebook:+ hearing birds singing and thinking 'oh shut the hell up'+ Gwen Stefani Taught Me How To Spell B-A-N-A-N-A-S+ Dude, did the teacher come?" "Yeah... Read More »

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Funny facebook fan pages/groups to join!?

Some of my faves:- Pull up your pants, homeboy. You're white.- Drunken conversations with taxi drivers- I've pretended to die in front of my pet to see how they react..- Not at the table Carlos- i ... Read More »

What are some good facebook fan pages or groups to join, -funny ones :)?

My personal favorite is:No you idiot, it's not my "time of the month" you're just pissing me off.Some other funny ones I have are:-It Takes Skill To Trip Over Flat Surfaces-i love running up and do... Read More »

I want to hide what facebook groups i join?

nobody can already see that but if you just joined the group and it's on your timeline, you can hide it, a button will pop up at the top right of the post when you hover your mouse over it

Funny Games for Groups?

If you are having a party or a team-building retreat for a large group, incorporate some funny games into the activities. There are many games that can be played that will have guests cracking up. ... Read More »