Any good laptops?

Answer try

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Are ACER a good company do they make good, reliable laptops?

...... they make very good desktop's.We run 15 of them at work,... and the office girl's like them so much, some of them have bought Acer Laptop's.Im thinking of changing to Acer or Toshiba for my ... Read More »

Anyone know any good laptops!?

Well how much money you have to spend on laptop and what you want it for you say memory but what you mean HDD or RAM. You can buy asus laptop they are good and you have 3years warranty on them (i t... Read More »

Good laptops for <£600?…That's the best one I could find at your price. It has all the requirements except graphics card. But it does have Intel's HD graphics, that's the best ul... Read More »

Are laptops good to use?

I use a laptop and love that I am not sat at a desk to use it - I can take it upstairs or on the sofa