Any good sites other than Facebook or Bebo?

Answer try this, it's pretty big:http://myspace.comif you want something totally different, this is a great 3D chat site which I use, enjoy!

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Is it true that sites like bebo,facebook,etc cause depression?

I love Facebook but I don't really get any problems apart from getting a little addicted (an hour actually flies by!).I can see how it could cause depression though - people getting upset if they r... Read More »

What's the deal with Myspace, Facebook, Bebo etc...are any of these sites really any better than each other?

Do not have anything to do with Facebook.Anything you upload onto there is automatically Facebook's property. By clicking "accept" on the UELA you relinquish all rights to anything you upload.

Dose anyone no any other sites apart from bebo, facebook, myspace an yahoo?

Anyone know any good proxy sites to get onto bebo and myspace?

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