Any good website with nice vintage style jewlelery for a good price:)?

Answer I sell vintage jewelry. I am in London. What do you need?

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Im looking for a website with cheap vintage/indie style clothes?

indieblogspot.comreally good site.and uhmm.try going to bigcartel.comand viewing all the "stores".its a button at the top right and it says stores click that then click view all stores.and its like... Read More »

Is there a nice restaurant that is cheap (e.g. under £15)with good food and good ambience in London?

I was a student in London so can suggest some fun cheap eats. You won't get any luxury but it should be interesting:- Firstly -The Ivy House Pub. This pub is very near Holborn tube station. It has ... Read More »

What are the nice areas of Japan, and whats the price of a good house there?

Houses in japan are very small, typically less than 900 s.f. regardless of the number of bedrooms. And because land is not so plentiful you have to live far from the city centers to find them. Th... Read More »

I need style help... where can i get good quality uggs from without rhw massive price.?

If you need style help, you should be asking about shoes that actually have style, not shoes that make you look like the mutant offspring of sasquatch.If you want the real thing though, you have to... Read More »