Any ideas on how much I could sell this computer for...?

Answer As much as you can

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We are buying a new computer what shall we do with our old but working computer sell it give it or just dump?

Make sure you remove any private info or files, and then give it to someone that doesn't have one.If you can't find someone local then you can give it away on 'gumtree', take a look at the link.You... Read More »

Is there any website to sell ideas to big companies like Google or B&Q ideas like Twitter ...?

If you look at the business acquisitions that Google have made, you will see that they have all been 'up and running' as independent websites prior to takeover.See here for list of acquisitions / s... Read More »

How much should I sell this computer for?

$750 to someone you know or on'll only get like $400 at a pawn shop

How much can I sell this computer for?

Don't sell it...use it for a media center.The small amount of money you can get for it makes it more valuable as a MC.