Any ideas on how much I could sell this computer for...?

Answer As much as you can

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How much could i sell this for?

Do an ebay search to see what other people have similar items listed as and how much other people have sold them for.

How much could I sell this moped for?

Hmm, tough question as there's hardly any used Kisbees being sold, so it's hard to know what it's worth.There's an 11 reg Kisbee with FSH @ 4k miles advertised on Auto Trader for £950. Brand new on... Read More »

How much do you reckon I could sell this PC for?

unfortunately a pc is just like a car, as soon as you buy it you loose as much as 1/4 of its value, I would say probably no more then 200 to 250 pounds, as long as you are planning on selling it i... Read More »

How much could I sell these computer components for?

Asus Rampage iii Black Edition £150-£230I7 950 - £80-£130 depending on overall condition and people bidding on it12Gb Corsair Dominator-GT 2000MHz DDR3 £70-£100(these prices are estimates by ... Read More »